" It's Christmas Time Again" 2016-- digital download single, recorded in 2014 with Chris Buckridge on bass. Check any of your favorite download sites, or CDBABY.com

 "Selfie" 2015--songs are: Buddy / The Falls Of Niagara / Hard Time / This Feeling / My Good Mood / The Drowning Fool / Abandoned Building / Nobody Knows My Name / Soft / I Can Still Remember (How It Used To Be) / Thumbelina / In Limbo

"Dreamland" 2007-- songs are: Play Fair / American Fiction / Dreaming Of You / Far Away / September Sky / The Grace Of You / Don't Stop Loving Me / Asking / As Quick As A Dream

"Hell Or High Water" 2008-- songs are: All In My Head / Where No One Goes But Me / Hell Or High Water / Ballad Of A Black Dog / Magnet / Santa Maria / Into The Darkness / Can't Get Over Losing You / Miracle Man / My Song Goes On / The Day / Holding On ( bonus track ) / Your Heart Will Tell You So ( bonus track )


"Anyway" 2010-- songs are: Wake Up / A Quiet Man / One Track Mind / Look @ That Pony Run / Drunk Again / My Love Will Follow / Start Over / Imposter / Over The Silver Moon / Random Acts Of Love / Start Over Again


"High Water" 2004-- Original version of 2008's "Hell Or High Water". Some of the songs are very close to the 2008 version, but most of them are much more stripped down. Out of print, but still available at CDBaby!